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I know it's been a great long while since I've posted here, since finishing up Saerileth, our magnum opus, about three years ago. I am shutting down the site which hosts all our mods, so I was wondering if G3 would do us the honor of hosting Tsujatha, Saerileth, Yasraena, Kindrek, Biddekelorak, and Willie Bruce. If so, please contact me at gilalion (at) gmail (dot) com, since I might forget to check back here. Thanks so much!

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nethrin, really good to hear from you.


We are sorry that you are shutting down your privately hosted site, but understand things change and folks move on. We are also glad that our sister site, Chosen of Mystra, keeps your mods alive, well, and translated/updated. But it is darned good to hear from a famous modding team!

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