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Many, many portraits...

Grim Squeaker


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I'm curious which portrait everyone is using. I'm rather fond of the Default and Alternate Portrait #1. In fact, Alt #1 was the default for a long time but then I found the other one and thought it meshed better style-wise with the BioWare ones.


I know my testers liked some of the alternates over the default, but I'm curious what you guys think. Which one tickles your fancy and why?

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I agree that the default is the best fit as far as BGII style portraits go. Option 1 also is a good BGII style portrait other than the fact that its not a straight on view.


Still you already know my favorite is Option 3 which I voted for. Something about that back lighting (like the sun is rising behind her) and the peircing look in Tyris' eyes is very compelling to me. I know its not as good a match to the BGII style portraits but when I look at them all its my favorite.


Edit: I think all but option 2 are excellent BTW.

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I like all of them, but I really like her expression in Alt #1, with the way her hair looks sort of like it's being whipped around. As soon as I get my guy through BG I, drop him into BG II and meet Tyris, I'll probably cycle through her portraits every so often.


EDIT: Ugh, I think I just thread-necroed. Sorry, guys.

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I voted for the defalut portrait because that's the one that seems to blend in best with the BioWare portraits. It's the one I'd use in game, but I like alternate 1 better. I'm reading the default's expression as irritated and a bit arrogant, which doesn't sit well with me, but it does blend well with the BioWare ones.

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How do I paste a pic I have on my pc?


Upload the image to an imagehosting service like PhotoBucket, copy the image's link, and then paste it in between the image tags (accessible by clicking the insert image button at the top of your "reply to post" text field, or by typing in [img*]linkgoeshere[*IMG], excluding the asterisks).

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I'm using Alt #1 since her expression in the default one is a little mean and or arrogant.


Since this is my first post to G3 Forums and Tyris subforum I'd like to say a big "thank you" for the creator of this mod! It's so good that unconsciously I put a party on shelf to wait for the ToB part tho I wasn't planning to do it, it just happened. :mad: It's simply amazing that there are people still making more content to this awesome game.

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