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G3 has a new host!


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As you no doubt already know, G3 was down for a few days for "updates". We appreciate your patience during the downtime and are pleased to announce that G3 has been transferred to a new host! This will hopefully make a difference in site load times, which has been an issue as of late.



Here are a few of the changes that took place during the updates:

- The portrait gallery has been removed. We felt this was for the best since no one was really using it. All the pictures have been saved however.

- The mod menus have been remodeled to get rid of the 3 mile drop down menu for Completed Mods.

- The Contacts page has been updated to reflect the changes in staff. Grim Squeaker and theacefes (myself) are the administrators of G3. Any questions regarding website issues can be directed to theacefes.

- The Gibberlings are global moderators. Any concerns regarding mods, getting a mod hosted here, or the forums in general can be directed to either them or the Admins.

- The Wiki will be down for another couple of hours or so because that part of the database is still being transferred, but it should be up soon.


Thanks again for being so patient while we worked to get this site working smoothly again. ???

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Note: While our host is recovering from that lovely outage it had, the database may be weird for a bit. If the forums start acting funny, either try refreshing or give it a bit. We should be 100% within a day or so. We are aware of the issue.

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Congrats on the move.


hurray - logon cookies are saved!

Spoke too soon--login status still not being saved! :blush:


Can't say I've noticed this one...


Have you tried deleting all your G3 cookies and starting afresh?

That did it (I hope for good). Thanx!

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That didn't do it. :blush:


Which cookies should be saved permanently? I'm saving pass_hash, member_id, ipb_stronghold. Any others?


I'm using add-on CookieCuller that locks/protects only the cookies I want saved; all others are deleted when the browser is closed.

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Grim Squeaker and theacefes (myself) are the administrators of G3.

I don't know who made this kid an admin, but since he's desperately wishing to show off his shiny new admin tag and locked my thread, I'll respond to his post here:



Okay temujin I'm going to lock this. Because, quite frankly I don't want your argument with Baronius, that you started at BWL, spreading over here. If you really wanted to tell him about this you could've PMed him. Don't make it a public bitching contest.

First of all, I don't give a fuck what you want. I'm not here to please you. I'm here to respond to that BWL swine.


Second, locking that thread was a bitch move. You seem to be taking your job a little too seriously. Relax.

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I was there in the times of mPrilla. It was hard to read his posts without laughing like maniac. We are talking about a guy that could write multi-page posts about how his Super Script is awesome and about how everyone who says bad things about it secretly loves it, etc. :thumbsup: .

And he sometimes had a page of irrelevant quotes under his posts ;) .


That Baronicus guy seems to be much more annoying and much less funny.

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Guest Ariane1989

u here , with the exception of some nice ppl , r a bunch of average bored losers who hate their everyday job and or life , and ur only joy is writing shit on forums and bitching bout prilla or barunius


maybe mprilla or ken werent the nicest ppl but they had their VISION bout things or tleast PERSONALITIES . here , except some nice ppl, u r a like a FLOCK of ANIMALS who feel strong in flock but weak when alone , like soccer hooligans in britain. no personality no vision , just average losers always trying 2 stay with the strongest flock . u have no creativity vision or personality


if nazi leading teh world u would be their servants , if stalin led then u would be communists


barunious and sekrit no matter what they r , also have VISION and personality like kenteambg forexample. im not big MOD builder but this is what you cheap losers r jealous bout


temujin if barunius didnt annoy u , u wouldnt be writing shit , so as far as i see u care more bout him than he of u laughatyouhk1.gif






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