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Coran and his baby


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I have a question about Coran and the baby quest..


I took the book to Brielbara and she asked Coran if he was ready to be a father (or something like that) and he said no.

I've read that at some point he would like to returne to Brielbara because he felt guilty and at that point you can convice him to abandon the baby and make him CN. When is this happening? I tried searching this forum but found nothing that would help.

I tried going back the Bri but all Coran said was: "I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do for you or your baby."


I'm playing a female and is romancing him.

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I'm in the exact same position and I'm also wondering when/how the quest continues.


I get the quest from Brielbara, go get the book of curses, return to Brielbara. Coran doesn't want to stay with her and the baby and then she leaves. End. Nothing more seems to happen. Coran is still Chaotic Good and is on romancepath 1 (after LT16). Can Brielbara be found somewhere? Is there anyway to proceed with this quest?

I've read the romance guide and there is obviously a path where Coran has the baby and remains Chaotic Good, I just don't know how to continue the quest and the romance.

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