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The first Beta is now available here:




Great thanks to Insolent Worm, Sillara of Tamari, Hendryk, Idobek, Bren, Catseye, Dove and Cam for aibly and cheerfully helping with the project!




And if against all expectations your experience will be far from enjoyable... well, here is the way to the bug report thread and suggestion thread!


Bug Reports


Suggestions for Additions/Improvement/Grammar

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Beta 2 is now available, thanks to Idobek's most diligent efforts!


Changes for v2 (BETA)

- Re-weighted the dialogues so banters would not interfere the romantic talks.

- Fixed some soundset issues.

- Added string fixer script. Select Kivan or Deheriana and hit 'K'.

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Kivan v4 is available from the downloads page. Changes in v4:

  • Added interjections in the Slums, Slums Sewers, Promenade and Gate Districts of Athkatla
  • Added Interjections into NPC-NPC talks
  • Added/Edited Banters with Bioware NPCs
  • Corrected Weighting
  • Corrected Deheriana wandering away after rescue bug
  • Added dialogues connected to Slayer Change, Arrival to Hell etc
  • Added soundsets for Kivan and Deheriana
  • Fixed (or attempted to) Kivan showing up in both Ilmaater’s Temple and Promenade
  • Miscellaneous fixes which I probably forgot I did

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