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Shadow Hand Nifty Sneak Peek


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Yes, the mod is still alive, it's in development, and progress is being made at an (almost) consistent rate, hehe.


Thought it would be fun to make a little trailer while I had some free time. ??? Obviously I'm not a professional video producer person thingy.


For those of you thinking "Buh? What is Shadow Hand?", it's a total conversion for BG2 (well for Tutu, really) that takes place 30 years after ToB. It's being worked on by Mike1072 and myself. The forum and project page have a lot more info. The link in my sig should go to the forums.


Thanks to TheWizard for doing the voicing.

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Oh dear, this trailer's getting me all jittery and exciteable. Very eagerly anticipating this TC.


I have the project page bookmarked, and nearly every time I visit there my heart races as I see the download link!--before I realize for the umpteenth time that it's just a placeholder.


Anyway, just so excited.

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