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SHS: BGT Tweak v9 Released


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Spellhold Studios


BGT Tweak Pack version 9 has been released!


Unless there are major issues with this version, this release is likely to be the final major release of BGT Tweak.



* New component: Put Sword of Chaos +2 in Sarevok's inventory

* Add Semaj's Cloak and Upgraded Koveras' Ring of Protection: Semaj's Cloak is now sellable

* Deactivate BGT-WeiDU spawns: spawns apear once (subcomponent): fixed bug where spawn points would not always deactivate (please note that saving as soon as you enter a new area can prevent any spawns from occurring in that area)

* Import more NPCs into Shadows of Amn: fixed bug where NPCs won't say anything if you drop them in SoA

* Updated translations: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


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