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Sarine NPC released!...well, in a manner of speaking

Sister Vigilante

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So-o, those of you who have been around may have noticed my mentioning (and others who come here mentioning) another project I'm supposedly working on. That project, which I started just over a year ago, is a female NPC meant to be a sort of counterpart to Angelo: Sarine Nesteria. The writing is nearly done, and I'm even sitting on some voicework.


Now, I'm not willing to bury this project just yet, but it won't be released anytime soon. In the meantime, I decided to make the text--the whole 200+ page document--public, over at fanfiction.net, alongside that BG1 fanfiction of mine.


Look ye, and marvel at what might have been!...and what might still be. But in any case, I would feel bad if it never got finished and remained a mystery forever. Those of you linking to it from here should have a much easier time reading it, since it's written in preparation for coding with branching dialogue&etc.


Cheers ???

Sister Vigilante

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