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Perfect BG Style Coran, revised Kivan and Branwen

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What can I do with that ugly-ass original portrait of Coran? Evidently alot :)


An edit that almost approaches drawing a face from scratch; original is on the left, new and improved on the right



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Whoops, that was me btw, forgot to log in :)


Anyways, also made a couple of minor revisions to Kivan and Branwen. The Kivan's portrait had some problems with the the brightness and contrast, Branwen was a bit cross eyed because I kept her eyes the way it was in the original portrait.



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Hi! I like your approach of changing the Coran portrait, but for my taste his lower lip is too thick, now, and the lower part of his face a bit too soft and feminine. Further, in my opinion if he is holding a bow the shoulder ( his left one) taken from the original picture somehow doesn't fit any longer.

@Domi: Which other picture of Coran?

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Lips, chin and nose in that order. All seem to have been overly softened. Also, drop the sculpted eyebrows.... that is definately a feminising trait in the picture. Ouch, also noticed the eyes (as in... not bad for a very nice looking woman). They remind me of my wife's... and she's Japanese. Again, too sculpted.


Hope that helps. And sorry for the advice being a bit messy, I wrote it as it popped into my head.


Oh, and I second the Kivan picture as being brilliant! Branwen is ok, but she lacks the "fire" that I think she should have considering her background. Looks to soft (for being a Viking girl - which is essentially her background).

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Jastey, XVIII Coran's portrait I was talking about is in this thread:




There is no particular feature I can point... I think it is the small narrow face, very clean in combination with the shiny bangles and the "pencil" neck that makes him look more like a traditional victorian angelic elf, than Tolkien-fantasy type of elf. :)

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Thanks for all the input. Heh, I guess I went overboard trying to make him look androgynous.


Still, I do not really feel like drawing his face over again from scratch (which is what it now looks like I have to do) considering that I think he looks male enough for an elf and well... there's always that other portrait :)

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Guest SirLancelot

Coran has turned into a beatiful? girl! Woa! :)


Honestly, Brawnen is by far your best portrait you have made....i don´t know if Faldorn is yours too. In quality terms, of course.



Kivan new portrait is not better at all, IMO, and i suppose tweaked Brawnen is inspired in Claudia Shiffer.


All your portraits are softened versions of the original ones, i can´t understand why are you so obsessed with make them more "cute" and refined ....Forgotten Worlds are not Melrose Place IMO.

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