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Cheesy backstab multiplier?

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I thought that in ADD rules, you applied the multiplier before the ability bonuses.


For example if you deal 1D6 damage and have multiplier x3 and strength, specialisation bonus +3:


ADD2: (1D6 x 3) + 3


But in BG2:


(1D6 + 3) x 3


Which is higher, of course.

If you throw 4, ADD2: 15; BG2: 21

No wonder people brag of dealing 100+ damage in one hit!

Is it something to correct, and is it even possible?

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It is (weapon damage + any spell effects) x Backstab Multiplier + Strength Bonus. Weapon damage does include +1s, I think. Now, it is really the spell effects which make the difference, such as Frabjous' infinitely famous backstab of 1064.



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