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soloing BG2 SoA + ToB with SCSII

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I am currently playing BG1 with EasyTutu (SCS) with a party of 3, and once I finish that, I plan to try and solo BG2 SoA + ToB with SCSII installed.

I am trying to decide whether to use a Kensai/Mage or a Kensai/Thief.


First of all, is it possible to solo with either combination without too much cheese (cheap tactics)?

Secondly, which combination is better suited to the task?

Finally, which do you think would be more enjoyable to solo with?



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The mage would be more powerful. Mages are more fun to play than thieves IMO. The thief could handle traps, scout before attacking (without wasting spell slots, I mean), and duck behind corners to hide (convenient way to escape tough battles). Also, Detect Illusions is an awesome skill.


Since you're dualing from Kensai, the Mage is easily the better option until you get HLAs. Kensai can't wear armor. Mages can't wear armor. It works well. Kensai-Thieves, on the other hand, can eventually pick up Use Any Item, which pretty much negates the Kensai's only weakness. But you're soloing, so I'd stick with the Mage. You can survive without disarming traps (esp. with the right buffs), but it's difficult to survive without someone who can disable spell protections.

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