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ED on items, MI and SR's immunity to energy spells


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As it was mentioned back a while, items with extra elemental damage can interrupt spellcasting even if the subject in under Stoneskin and 100% resistance. To fix it, there was a suggestion to launch items' effects from an external spl instead, which would be blockable by protective enegry resistance spells.


So, here's some fun stuff I've discovered, that concerns targets under the Mirror Image effect.


If an item 146s (cast spell on creature) something with damage within then two images will dissipate no matter what. And only two, it seems, as I've tried firing lightning bolts from fire-damaging xbow (which makes 3 hits in total - missile itself, fire and electricity) to the same effect as with normal bolts.


If external spells, called by 146, are marked as AoE then weapon damage will hit an image, but elemental will affect the target nonetheless.



Unrelated to the actual problem - since it can be observed without any hacking - but still interesting, is that when the real target is hit then one image still disappears.

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I wish I knew, hence the thread.


It's only relevant when one protected with MI, but not PFWM or Protection from Fire/Energy/etc, is being hit with an elemental damaging item. And it only reduces MI's effectiveness to half, while the target can in fact cast magic without fear of interruption.

Probably a lot lesser evil than raining Fire Arrows on a StoneSkinned ProFired wizard to nullify his spellcasting abilities.


But the fact remains, it still substitutes one problem with another. Ideally, the best way would be to ask Taimon to add extra check to nullify the damaging entirely if resistance is above 99%, but apparently I'm to blame for him stopping to take further requests...

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