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How to use animate.ids in an effect ?


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Hello again.

Please, is there a way to use "animate.ids" in an effect ? This is for deal special damages against Drows, and for race they are elf. The only thing that is specific to them is the animation. (Drow or Drow_female)


If the way isn't simple, is there a script i can use to have the effect only work on creature with drow animation ? (sorry, i don't script)

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The short answer is: no


The long answer: no, but you could probably do some acceptable trick based on the race, specific or class attributes.


Yes, i know you wrote they are not specific in your case, but you can always mod them.


Oh, and i forgot:


GemRB supports arbitrary stat based conditional effects.


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Another way would be to have the spell/item to affect all elves, then to add an immunity to all elven CREs that do not use drow animation.
Well, but you probably wouldn't want to add that to elven characters, though I suppose you *could* by doing something with the starting area scripts.
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Guest Guest_deratiseur_*

Thanks for your answers.


Unfortunaly, all those solutions aren't compatible with creatures added by mods.

The best solution for me, it's poor, it's to abandon this idea (special damages and taco vs drows) and so the the associed kit....

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