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Bishop argument?

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This is after Casavir's fight with Bishop, the one they have in the corridor of Crossroad Keep. It can happen at just about any time between the completion of the living area of the keep and the True Names meeting, so if you haven't had it yet, you will, so just be patient a little longer.

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Oh, this one. I thought it was PC fighting with Bishop, and seeing they do it pretty much in every talk, I was a bit stomped. :blush:


no, Domi you're right I am talking about when PC has the fight or argument with Bishop not the talk/cutscene with Bishop and Cas in the Keep. I did get that one right toward the end of Act 2 before going to the haven and it was funny Cas's reaction "Oh gods, you heard that? That was not meant for your ears, milady." is what he said.


Anyway, I;m sorry I was not more specific I am talking about the Bishop talk that fires Casavir's LT23 it says (PID, after fight with Bishop jealousy discussion 2, its getting personal.) That's the one.

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Clearly, my documentation needs a bit of a sprucing up. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the fight was about. But if it's PID and you talk to Casavir fairly often, you'll get it. I know that's a lame answer. Sorry.


I'll wait. I am also wanting to see if I can get Bishop's LT20 to fire as I want to see this talk and so Cas's LT23 will fire as well.

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