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Bishop and Casavir Pro's and Con's

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Guest Elvoriel


Pro's -He's sweet, loyal, protective and knows how to lead and fight, and some what I can scrap up from the OC he's supposed to look like a MMA fighter but handsome in a gentlemen way. As a bonus he reminds me of the little dove but is no longer a innocent nor is he as optimistic.


Con's - He doesn't get it when someone he cares about doesn't need or want his protection. He becomes more like a father instead of a lover and he expects others to act like he would and follow -his- convictions. Also he wants long term relationships, and that doesn't sit well with people like me.




Pro's - He's free-spirited and cunning, he is realistic when it comes to some things (A.K.A Ember "If your not willing to die for it, how important can it be?", "Only the ones who can stand up for themselves deserve to live." He never puts himself out in the open, he's always the quiet one in the corner, gathering information and talking only when he wishes to, he also knows how to survive and can handle himself in a fight.


Con's - He's cold, and cuts himself off from others, he's truly a good person deep down, but he doesn't believe he can show himself as he is, he can't show his emotions because he fears appearing weak in the eyes of others, making him act aggressive and have an 'I don't care' attitude. He doesn't trust and if he feels he is getting to close or the walls he built around himself is getting destroyed, he'll remove himself from any connection to that person. Most women feel drawn to this kind of man but get dissappointed in two ways - They change him and it becomes the dramatic "Your not the man I fell in love with!' or he feels he is in danger and betrays her.



This is what I think of the two obviously. :3

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