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Dragon Age Contest - Warden's Quest


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I couldn't find a Dragon Age forum, but please feel free to move this to where it needs to go.


Today at 10am GMT, Bioware started The Warden's Quest, a public play-through competition of Dragon Age: Origins, where 10 teams from around the world battle it out for first prize. It's a 24-hour marathon of play, with teams eliminated every 4 hours.


The winning team takes home $50,000 USD, to be split between the four party members.


The teams are:








Czech/Slovak Republic


United Kingdom

Bioware Community (people from the Bioware forums)


In the first round of elimination, Czech/Slovak was eliminated.

In the second round of elimination, USA was eliminated.


However, you can still go check out the competition and support your favorite of the remaining teams!


Each team has a profile on the Warden's Quest page, as well as a Facebook account which you can follow/friend, and some of them have Twitter accounts. You can also follow on Twitter by visiting user "biofeed"

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Fifth elimination (double elimination!): Team UK and Team Netherlands/Belgium are going home.



Team Hungary (first place)

Team Bioware Community (second place)

Team Canada

Team Poland


[update!] The final four has been knocked down to only two: Team Bioware vs. Team Hungary. Winner takes home $50,000!

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