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Daystar and Dragonbane damage was wrong

Guest Auric

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It's been a while since I played BG2, but I'm about to get back into it and one of the things I noticed last time was that Daystar and Dragonbane were broken due to the G3 patch. I'm not sure if my memory is accurate but as I remember it, Daystar attacked _two_ more times alongside its normal damage on contact. Regardless of whether that's accurate, I remember defeating Kangaxx the Demi-lich in four or five blows with it without any proficiency. Also the multiple hits don't accurately re-create the multiple damage for other reasons like interrupting spells.


Is the attribute that causes the weapon to multiply damage completely broken? I seem to recall someone reverse-engineering the infinity engine so maybe it could be addressed in the executable, along with that annoying "dispel werewolf form" bug.

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This forum dead or something?
No, they have just been avoiding this subject...


The Daystar and Dragonbane damage addition that the back stab multiplier and the critical hits, multiply cannot be corrected without access to the source code... The fix is not doable cause the damage is calculated the way it is.

Still, it's rare that this would rice an real issue, cause it's rare to have a thief taking advantage of this...

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