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BG2 Sound Quality


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Hi, not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I wondered if anyone else noticed the poor sound quality of some of the NPC dialogue in BG2?


By poor quality, I mean some of the recordings sound distorted, almost like they've got a bit reduction effect applied. Its very noticable in Ireniucus' dialogue at the start of the game for instance. I thought it was my install or sound card, but I've extracted the wav files and played them through my soundblaster card and my E-MU usb interface and the problem is still there.


The BG sound quality is great, and I can only think because BioWare squeezed more info into less space (4 cds for BG2 compared to 5 for BG1), that the compression has effected the sound quality. While I'm aware nothing can really be done, I just wondered if anyone else had noticed this?



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It was going to be used for one of those pre-show movie clips that tell you to turn off your phone before the movie but they left it out, and I guess Unfinished Business didn't pick it up either...


As for compression on CDs, I don't think number of CDs has anything to do with the quality in this case...BG2 *did* use a newer version of the IE, so that might have had an effect on that...also, I've always felt that BG1 had more content anyway...

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