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Question about Rizdaer in new mod


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It has been a while since I played this mod, but I just installed the newer version, and some of the conversations seam different or missing. Like with Rizdaer, after you talk to Lord Ulbrec and take Riz into you party and start talking to him, you used to get a conversation where he was asleep and you could kiss him or let him sleep, that one doesn't seam to show up, nor does he seam to notis that my pc is a drow anymore. Is it a bug, or is it meant to work this why now?


I am getting the same problem with the bard I made, yet there Driz wont talk to my elf at all (wild elf).

Do I need to install the mod again, or has the mod been remade?



Thx, Illana

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I haven't really touched the mod for a good long time now. With different characters, the matches set differently, but you still will get the first few convos of the friendship and romance pathes where you can boost your matches etc. The flirts might be not showing in the same sequence as you have seen before since they are pulled at random. You can send me a save and I can take a look to see if the romance is progressing normally.

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