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SHS: Chloe v1.3 Released


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Spellhold Studios


A new version of Chloe has been released, updated by White Agnus and Graoumf. The old version is still available for those who prefer to use the original.


Changes include:

- Changed Chloe's Death Variable to ensure BGT Compatibility

- Updated Polish translation with fix, thanks to Aku.

- Added Spanish language option to Chloe, thanks to Dufroise (Clan Dlan) for translating.

- Added Italian language option to Chloe, thanks to Al17, Hellspawn and JKley for translating.

- Added French language option to Chloe, thanks to Miry Wolfwood, Le Marquis and Magiere (Les d'Oghmatiques) for translating.

- Updated Chloe to latest version of WeiDU *Currently v.211


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