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Major Historic Villains You'd like to See Die a Thousand Death etc.


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Because I wasn't raised in the West I have a very tentative idea who are the most hated historic villains for a Westerner. I am assuming that Hitler and Stalin would top the lists anyways, but who else? I'd like a spread throughout the history rather than a modern selection. Obviously, one people's hero might well be other people's villain, and so on, so please, no offences. I am looking for instantly recognised names that will give people a rise and feeling of hatred in general.


So, who would it be? Alexander Borgia, Vlad the Impailer, Richelieu, Nero, Napoleon, Ghenghis Khan, Loyola, Alba?

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I am assuming that Hitler and Stalin would top the lists anyways, but who else?
And you would assume wrong. :blush:

They were heroes. For the people, well the majority of them.


The only major historic villains I see are the churches, their leaders, their gods, Jesus etc.

There is also blame to be given to Stalin for the Nuclear armament, but so it there plenty to be given to Harry S. Truman. And if you read your history there is plenty to Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stalin. But some of those can be justified within the time, unlike the policies of the churches...

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I am assuming that Hitler and Stalin would top the lists anyways, but who else?
And you would assume wrong. :blush:

They were heroes. For the people, well the majority of them.


At the time, perhaps. In retrospect, not so much.



I can agree with some of your other points, such as how the apparent "heroes" are as much to blame as the apparent "villians". Eh, it's all shades of grey anyway.






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So, my short-list now is:


Hitler, Stalin, Attila, Genghis Khan, Richard III, Marie-Antoinette, Torquemada, Nero, Benedict Arnold, Elizabeth Bathore, Mary I


does it look relatively familiar and evil?

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I don't understand the sudden need to project angst and hate towards some of history's most colourful characters, but I suppose I should play along.



I'll just stick to historic villains of the modding community.



My Top Ten:


1. Baronius

2. Baronius

3. Baronius

4. Baronius

5. Baronius

6. Baronius

7. Baronius

8. Baronius

9. Baronius

10. Sikret

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I thought Heracules had killed Hydra long time ago.

Apparently, Heracles was mistaken. He thought Hydra was dead too, but when he went back home and started enjoying the scenery in his hammock with vodka in one hand, he was informed that somehow Hydra got resurrected.


Heracles then had an epiphany. Even a thousand deaths was not going to be enough to finish off the Hydra. In planescape terms, Hydra needed The True Death.


So he went back to the swamp and looked for his nemesis. But his opponent was nowhere to be found! Heracles searched the entire world over and over dedicating the rest of his life just for this, but he just could never find the little bugger. Heracles had failed!


Eventually the thought of the Hydra living on drove poor Heracles into paranoia and dementia. He started seeing hydras everywhere - inside his dreams & nightmares, on his food, on his clothes, in the eyes of his wife when he's making love, and even when he's busy taking a dump, he could see a Hydra in the reflection of the water in the toilet. Ultimately, he turned into a schizophrenic and died an early life. :blush:



As for the Hydra?


Well, he wasn't as effective a villain as he used to be. Sure, he didn't swindle any more innocents like TheWizard, he stopped writing boring, nonsensical essays on the fixpack, stopped harassing civilians like saros, but the fact remains, he was still an opportunistic villain who was up to no good.


That said, apparently he too lived a boring, solitary life and eventually died due to natural causes.




The End.

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I don't know if that many people feel hatred for the older villains anymore. Whenever I've had conversations about Ghengis Khan in recent times, he's been kind of a hero in the people's eyes. The numerous (often confirmed) attrocities he committed are chalked up to Christian propaganda. Then again, where I'm from, most villains are lorded as misunderstood heroes and everything negative in history is blamed on the Christians, so I might not be able to offer valid input here.


Hitler and George Bush Jr. are the only guys people around here dislike currently. Most haven't even heard of Stalin, and most of the ones that have like him because he wasn't from the United States. Oh, and Jesus. Everyone hates Jesus. That wicked old republican, always trying to keep us down.


Personally I despise Himmler, and to some extent Goebbels and Goering. The calculating villains behind the madman figurehead that made up the worst of the Nazi party. Mengele was perhaps worse even than them, though it was on a smaller scale.

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