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Error at install. Plz Help.

Guest MrHarmaa

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Guest MrHarmaa

Trying to install Bg2-Fixpack-v8


I have installed bg2 + ToB, Istalled offical ToB patch, i run exe


I choose Install component [bg2 Fixpack - Core fixes]


Everything runs for a sec, copying files and stuff... then


Compliling 1 Dialogue file and 17 scripst ...

WARNING: internal label [294] not found in processed DLG [bEARIE]

ERROR: oricessing .D actions [bgfixpack/compile/soa-dlg.d]: invalid_argument <_>


stopping installation because of error.


then it uninstalls all copied and restores the default...


Yes i got the game installed on D:/ drive... Yes the exe is also installed on right place... any idea whats wrong?

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Trying to install Bg2-Fixpack-v8


I have installed bg2 + ToB, Installed official ToB patch, I run the BG2_Fixpack-v8.exe or setup-bg2fixpack.exe, it doesn't matter.

I choose Install component [bg2 Fixpack - Core fixes]...

Well, there can be several things... as the mod is trying to modify the games dialog files.

What official patch did you use, the latest fully supported is the v(2.5.)26498, nt the 26499, as that's the beta.

What size the game folder is? As one really should make a full installation of the both SoA and the ToB if they are in separate packages, the full installation should take about 2.5 Gb's or more.


And when you open the file called 'baldur.ini' with a Notepad, the file is in your game folder, what does it read under the [Alias] header? They should all direct to your game folder if you have done a full install...

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