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The BG1 Banter Sequence Not Working

Guest dalehound

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Guest dalehound

Refering to the Kivan SoA stuff, I havn't been able to get these banters. I'm not sure why.


I'm in Chapter 3 at present. I have no special PiDs other then the 'How are you doing?' 'Can you tell me about yourself?' and 'What does it mean to be Elven?'


I remember the earlier PiDs though I used them up in Chapter 1, talking to Kivan in the Prominade.


Should I have waited? Did I miss out on these banters? I've been trying to trigger them for a while but no luck at all.


I've even asked him how he is doing so much that he doesn't want me to ask him how he is doing anymore! And the 'Can you tell me about yourself?' doesn't seem to start any banters at night or at rest as I've tried to make them happen. Out by De'arnise and elsewhere.


Any advice would be welcome. I don't know if they are required or not to advance Kivan's plot, but I'm wondering if I missed something or messed it up somehow.


I mean, all the other stuff work very well, the event related dialog and I got all the dialogs in 'the Catching Up Friendly Cycle, but none in the BG1 Banter Sequence.


If you need my WeiDU, or anything, let me know. Or if you have an attribute I can set to provoke the talks it would be appreciated.


1. BG1 Banter Sequence (Initiated from PID); most of them happen at night and before going to bed.


~The stars were falling. A rare and precious sight, yet it fills my soul with sadness and longing.~

~I wanted to ask you, <CHARNAME>... What are you thinking of when you are watching sunsets? There was an emotion written on your face I did not quite understand.~

~Do you know what "Shilmista" means in Common tongue?~

~We parted abruptly, <CHARNAME>, and I never got a chance to tell you, how terrified I was for you...~

~'Quel undome, a'maelamin Deheriana. Good night, my beloved Deheriana.~

~I have noticed that you are the only one who does not try to change the subject when I mention Deheriana.~

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Guest dalehound

Ah ha. I think I know what I did wrong.


I just reloaded an earlier save, I did the 'Irenicus robbed me of many memories, Kivan, but I remember you, I remember everything you've told me' thing instead.


I suppose the BG1 Banters don't happen if you pick that one. My mistake.

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