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Is this party ok?


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1.My main character, Zyn, drow ranger(theiving skills added in) 18 dex/int, 14 wis, 10 in the rest

2.Rizdaer, melee fighter.

3.Sir Nord, paladin and melee.

4.Diriel, healer.

5.Peony, mage and love interest.

6.Jaemal, secondary mage.

Will this party be too boring or too weak?

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The combination of PC, Rizdaer and Peony will give you a good interacion pattern. You will also get a secondary conflict with Jaemal until you reject him as a love interest.


This will work just fine as a party, but Nord loses a bunch of content without Hildury and is best/most smoothly played with the 'core' quartet, ie Nord-Hildury-Jaemal-Salomeya. Trading him for Prachi might work for this configuration, if you want a bit more of a secondary romance and don't mind pseudo-philosophical chatter.


If you haven't had Salomeya around before, conversation wise, she'd be the winner in your combination as a substitute for Nord, because you will have second romance, additional jelousy connection and her fencing with Diriel. Functionally, she is definetly not melee, but she can take on archery and thieving of you MC her, and you can beef up your main as a front-line ranger. You can also easily swap Mal for Salomeya here to get two full hetero romances for the PC, and bring out more of the Nord.

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Actully, When I was making the party, I had trouble deciding on Salomeya as a theif or Sir Nord. I decided on Nord. But I'll follow your advice and buff up Zyn's str and con, and dump int and dex. Here is what I have in mind(I'm a novice to IWD2 so point out any bad things):







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I am not really the best person to ask power-gaming wise, because I generally just reduce difficulty setting if my party is not doing well and/or cheat, but overoll IWD2 is much tougher than other IE games, and supports the min-maxing, in other words, if you want to inflate a stat, inflate it to the fullest, and generally you won't see penalties if you drop other statst to like 3, as unrealistic as they seem to be. You might want to check out Game Banshee or whatnot for character build advice.

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