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What would this character's alignment be.


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Here's a little history lesson first. My friend actully came up with the name Arker, for a character in a book he will never write. He described Arker's personality to me and I'm curious to what his alignment would be.


He's an assassin who feels little empathy for the people he kills, however he will make the kill as painless as possible, provided it doesn't make him more likely to get caught/have to work harder. For personal kills, reserved for people who betray him, etc, he will make the death look as dramatic, bloody and painful as possible.

Has a quote saying"Those stupid enough to fight fair don't deserve one." In one part, he kills an enemy captive to spite the group leader, who ordered Arker to let him go. On the other hand, he despises slavery, kills people who hurt and exploit children, and doesn't lie to be nice or cruel, just as a means to an end.

I'm curious to what the opinions will be, and, if you have questions or a scenaro, just ask.

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