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Question about Coran romance

Guest Lesten

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Started playing BG again with this great mod. Playing a female character for once and I thought I'd try to get the most out of the romances that comes with this mod.


I've started the Ajantis romance (I'm playing a thief but managed to get around Ajantis not being interested with Shadowkeeper), but I also want to play through the Coran romance. I installed the conflict component (for some reason :thumbsup: ) so I'm guessing Ajantis and Coran won't get along. Still, I want to play both romances (and I want both NPCs in the group). Is there a way to bypass the Ajantis-Coran conflict and jumpstart the Coran romance, e.g. by setting globals with shadowkeeper or wotnot? (I haven't picked up Coran yet, on my way to do this now.)



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You won't be able to see both romances through anyway, because one of them will shut down once another gets commited; it will simply happen behind the scene if conflict is not installed. The conflict is actually quite fun - it opens up a series of mini-quests where the men compete for your attention. So, to get the most out of the mod you might just want to go with the flow - let the boys try to impress your PC, and let her decide which one wins her heart. Coran's romance will start even if you already have Ajantis in the party, before Ajantis romance becomes commited. I wouldn't advise anyone to try to mess with Coran's variables. Looking back, his romance paths were concieved in what I would call a fit of over-ambitious insanity, so it's tough to manage from console. But you literally have to tell him "No, Coran, stop!!!! Really, really, really stop!" for him to stop trying to court your PC. Unless he gets bored....

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Er... as someone who played all the three romances till the choosing point at once, I can attest that it didn't enhance the game experience. It felt both unnatural and fairly stalkish. The multiple romances' purpose is not to bombard the player with the advances, but allow the game to develop naturaly, so the PC will settle in what works the best for his/her character. That organic, more natural experience, rather than "OMG, 3 chicks/studs in ONE paly-through" was our goal.

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Hehe... fair enough. :thumbsup:

Just thought it would be an interesting option. I don't play through the game all that often, maybe once every two or three years, and even more rarely with a female character, so I want to get the most out of each playthrough. Maybe it would be a bit too much, but there's always the option to say 'no' or not use such an (hypothetical) add-on.


Anyway, this is a great mod. Had I time and skill I would gladly contribute to the BG modding community... well, at least I can say: Keep up the good work!

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