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Tempest Kit Discussion

Arashi Kai

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Welcome to the Tempest Kit's Discussion forum! :thumbsup:


You can get it here


It is a fighter kit with many lightning abilities that specializes in TWF.


TEMPEST: The Tempests are group of warriors that have an innate ability to control lightning. Through their training, they specialize in fighting with two swords, strike hard and fast,learn devestating lightning based attacks, and are deadly foes when encountered. However, their fighting style only lets them wear studded leather armour,and the containment of their powers is taxing on their bodies.



-Shocking Grasp at levels 1, 5, and 10.

-Lightning Shield at levels 3, 8, and 13.

-Nova at levels 10, 15, and 19.

-Lightning Bolt at levels 11 and 16

-Lightning Blade at will at level 19.

--1 attack speed every 4 levels

-TWF penalties for the off-hand are reduced by 2.



-May only wear studded leather armour and lighter.

-May only put points in bladed weapons.

-May not Dual Class.

-May not be of lawful alignment.

--2 Constitution.


Here you can give me comments/criticisms/advice, etc.,etc.,etc. on the kit.


Just please remember: this is my first stab, so mistakes, some that probably seem stupid to you guys, are going to be very likely.




Arashi Kai

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Hey there, first a few things;




Now then, I noticed that you don't have the description of the kit in the thread... it would be good to be there, so people can see it before they need to download the archive.

It would also be a good thing if the base class would be shown, so we know if it's a ranger or mage, yes I suspect it's Fighter, but you'll never know.

And the last thing I noticed was that the readme had been put up so it was locked into a weird word wrap, so when you re-make it, I would suggest that you remove the *********************... lines, and let the lines end where they can, so remove the Word Wrap feature from your Notepad, so there is no extra line ends. Or uniform the whole document better, using the same line end measure.


Now, I haven't actually tried the kit yet, or even installed it, but we'll see if I can murder and clean up my calendarkeeper so I'll have some time to try this, unlikely as it is, the bastard is way too clever.


PS, if you wish to have more permanent link for you kit mod, I would suggest to use the SHS's Miscellaneous Released Mods as your mod uploading site.

PPS, I though I had seen the Kit already somewhere. Yes, that's the mod yarpen refers to.

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It's nice to see some kit around here - that's first.

What about the Tempest... I think that you weren't capable of making certain vision of this kit. You've mixed two ideas of fierce two swords warrior and lightning-based wizard. I think that's a bit wrong, because I don't know - can I say anything about my character who's Tempest (your version, because I've got mine in Paladins of Faerun Kitpack :thumbsup:). So, just ask yourself, who's your character?

I think you can improve it a lot by precising the vision, creating some more unique abilities - not spamming him with wizard's spells.

That's just my opinion, I hope that I'll be helpful.

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I have posted the Tempest Kit on SHS, as per the advice of theacefes and Jarno. You can get him at their downloads page. I will be maintaining the links both here and there so as to maintain availability.



The readme does not have Word Wrap enabled, I just put it in a format that I thought would make it look not like bunch of jumbled up words but something organized. I will fix the layout to make it not so wierd in the next release however. Thanks for the comment.



I hope I'm not stepping on yours, or anyone else's, toes! ;) This was my original thought and came up with all the ideas on my own. As for the concept, I mostly wanted a warrior with innate lightning abilities. I admit, at the moment it looks like a glorified fighter/mage, but more custom abilities will be following, like a nova attack for crowd control and a lightning shield for defense. The two weapon fighting thing may or may not phase out in time. It was an idea that was in my head for a time, and this seemed a convenient way to incorporate it. Thinking about it, the Tempest style is a blizkrieg one: hit as hard and fast as you possibly can. Two weapon fighting provides a convenient outlet for this, as you can wield two large swords and swing them equally well. Sorry for the ranting :thumbsup: . Thanks very much for the feedback!

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I didn't meant to sound offensive. If I'm - sorry then. Don't want to discourage anyone, rather to inspire :D Don't know how could you step on my toe, I don't like overpowered kits and I'm fighting against them like a lion but that's not the problem of Tempest. You just have to make him a bit more unique than "warrior with few electricity spells" ;) You're on good way, good luck. :thumbsup:

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I seem to have run into some speed bumps that I can't get over :thumbsup: .


If someone is willing to test out two spells for me, send me a PM and I'll get them to you for testing. They are (as promised :D ) a nova attack and a lightning shield that need their damage values checked. I used IEEP to make these spells (as well as DLTCEP), but their damage values seems to be fixed at certain numbers when I play around with the parameters.


Solutions/feedback are welcome. (I'm not asking somebody to do this for me, just an extra nudge to get back over :D )


Never mind false alarm :p . I should have another version up and running by the end of the week, assuming RL doesn't get in the way. ;)

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I have updated the above link to the newest version of the Tempest, as well as in SHS. The above link will be the one that I maintain here.


Changes include:

  1. new custom abilities, which replace some older ones
  2. a slightly redone readme (hopefully you can read it Jarno! :thumbsup: )

A custom HLA table is in the works, and will hopefully be included in the next release.

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I've uploaded a new version here and at SHS. This version now included a custom HLA Table with two paths: a Swordmater Path and a Lightning Adept Path.


The ReadMe has also undergone some slight changes.


This is a pre-alpha version :) , so please report any bugs here or PM me about them so I can fix them.


As usual, comments/feedback are very much appreciated!



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