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Easytutu vs Dudleyville fixes and mods


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I asked about this over in the Pocket Plane forums in the below thread, after seeing Miloch raise this question initially 3 years ago:




So my question is, has this been resolved or has anyone tried Easytutuing a Dudleyfixed/modded BG install?


Theoreticly, if I have my BG1 install fixed with Dudleyfixes, and I install Easytutu, it should copy over all the Dudleyville stuff since they're all override fixes, then Easytutu should install and append any files that it needs to; the question is, will this cause problems with Easytutu in some shape or manner? As most of the Dudleyfixes tend to be rather discrete and (imo) sensible in spite of the fact they aren't weidu, I would anticipate there shouldn't be problems with easytutu or easytutu mods; it'd kind of be like installing Ascension before BG2Fixpack on SoA/ToB installs, as is usually recommended (ie non weidu mods before modern weidu mods, weidu mods play nicely with the older mod by appending rather than overwriting).


Am I wrong?

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(This is covered in Macready's documentation, but ok - a rephrase might make it more easy to understand.)


One way to think of EasyTutu is to think of it as one of the most comprehensive overwriting mods of BG and BG2 in existence today.


What it does is

1. looks for existing BG2 game .bif and files, and copies some of that raw data into a new place. This forms the "game engine" part that will make everything work. It expects (and needs) unmodded BG2, or it may not be able to operate as is expected.

2. looks for existing BG game .bif and files, and copies some of that raw data into that new place. This forms the "BG resources" part that will make anything work. It expects (and needs) unmodded BG, or it may not be able to operate as expected.

3. unpacks a fully repaired, stable, consistent override file which contains all of the BG resources converted from BG references to BG2 references and tested and retested and exactly the same on every correctly installed EasyTutu game.



If you use Dudleyville BG content fixes on BG prior to using EasyTutu, they will not carry over because the override file will be completely rebuilt by EasyTutu.


If you use Dudleyville BG content fixes on BG after using EasyTutu, by either installing them on EasyTutu or just dragging the resources into place, they will not be recognized because they will be using BG references, which are not recognized by the BG2 game engine, and therefore not recognized by EasyTutu.


The only way to use Dudleyville fixes on EasyTutu is to reengineer them and install them by creating a mod or making the changes manually using ShadowKeeper, DLTCEP, or NearInfinity. The Unfinished Business mod handles almost all of the minor things, and there is a project still working on being a BG1 Fixpack that will address more of them, but Dudleyville fixes are a no go, no way, can't be used on EasyTutu.


If you absolutely must have a specialized fix, check with plainab and Miloch and company - I think they have an alpha of a BG fixpack floating about somewhere - and they may have made it Tutu-compatible.

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i'm assuming (after double-checking bg1ub readme and forum) that this is still the status quo? i.e. that bg1ub incorporates a few dudley fixes, and that the remainder have been deemed by the bg1ub team at large unworthy of incorporation? good enough for me, i reckon :thumbsup:


also: i gather that PJ is retired... is icelus also?

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The BG1 Fixpack doesn't have any Dudleyfixes. I don't think it even has all of Baldurdash. If you want Dudleyfix, you'll have to play either regular BG1 or Tutu (not EasyTutu).


Level 1 NPCs actually has some Dudleyfixes related to NPCs and spellbooks (one of the optional components early on in newer versions of the mod).

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