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Question on walking speed


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I just finished playing BG1 (tutu) and now I'm gonna start with BG2, with a bunch of mods, the BG2 tweak pack being one of them.


I didn't install the "use BG1 walking speeds" component, but then I realised that the characters move ridiculously fast in BG2. My other party members moved much faster than my imported protagonist (don't know why). So I went back and installed the walking speed component. Didn't work until I started a new game.


Anyway, my question is this: if I install the walking speed component, making movement speed slower, will it effect only party members or will it effect all creatures and characters in the game? I don't want to move slower than monsters and other characters. Will the component scale down all movement speeds?

Also, when I install or uninstall this component, I have to start a new game for the changes to take place?



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