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Welcome everybody!


For beginning, I would like to introduce myself, and sorry for all possible language mistakes in this post.


My name is Remiq, and i'm representative of the greatest polish clan of Baldur's Gate players- "Dzieci Bhaala" (The Children of Bhaal Clan).

For years our Clan's activity appears in few ways, among other things: writing articles and collect knowledge about whole Baldur's Gate, supporting mod's translators, organising special events etc.


One of us- Shinigami has created also a especial mod for playing PvP in BgII, which softly change rules of game for solo and PvP playing. Since 2007 we had prepare many tournaments for our polish players.


But we have decided to open our area for other players :thumbsup: , and organise the biggest online tournament in Baldur's Gate II! But for start, we must know how many human resources can we collect.


If YOU are intresting in joining our dream, just send email to me (aot@cob.netarteria.pl). If there be lot players, our translators will begin translating rules and mod.


I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Yours faithfully,




ps. Here are few links for, with our PvP rules in Polish language ^^'. Rules may awe, but they are simply:


http://wrota.cob.netarteria.pl/ - our site

http://forum.cob.netarteria.pl/ - our forum

http://liga.cob.netarteria.pl/awt - site of our polish league, and tournament rules

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