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Weapon naming according to enchantment

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I suppose it was discussed already, but I object to the naming of weapons according to their enchantment (what they can hit) rather than their THAC0 bonus.

For example:

Staff of The Magi +5

Flame Tongue +4

Both weapons only have +1 THAC0 bonus. I think it's misleading.


On the other hand, the Mace of Disruption hasn't been changed, which is cool:

Mace of Disruption +1 ("+3" enchantment)

Mace of Disruption +2 ("+5" enchantment)

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The +x comes from the bonus Thac0 & damage & speed factor & weight reduction, not from what the game uses with it's engine to determine what the item can hit...

So indeed you are right... the over-enchanted weapons should have the property said in/under the statistics.


Next :thumbsup: , can't you just make a single thread that you ask and get answer to all your alleged troubles? Not 30+ threads... That way you can always refer to your WeiDU.log without us needing to refer to the old and perhaps discarded one.

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If this isn't how it is in the vanilla game, then it comes from the Baldurdash GTU, and be assured that we hate it too.


Unfortunately, we will all have to continue to hate it together as future changes to the GTU content are extremely unlikely. :thumbsup:


Multiple threads are fine. It probably just seems a little odd simply because there's no traction at all these days (nothing ever gets done, I promise), so they all just sit in General Discussion. But them's the bones...

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