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Ninja Assasin

Arashi Kai

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So I went and saw Ninja Assassin the other day and well........... :thumbsup: ............lots of body parts.


Considering all of the other "ninja" movies that I've seen, this one is probably the best (then again, all of the other ones just plain old sucked! ;) ), but I would expect nothing less from the director of V for Vendetta.

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Psh...ruin my life..I see how it is. :thumbsup:


I haven't seen the movie yet but I've had friends ask me to go with them. Lately I've been very cautious about going to see movies in theatres...the prospect of possibly wasting 2+ hours of my day (and money too) has scared me into just sticking with renting them on DVD.

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Well........ :thumbsup:


If you like cool awesome fight sequences with various assorted bladed weapons, then you would like it.


OTOH, if you get squeamish from blood (and limbs and pieces of heads) flying every which way, or are looking for plot, you should probably wait until it comes out on DVD and save some $$.

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