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motb romence ?

Guest anny

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Hello to everyone! (hope not to annoy you with this)


I just finished NWN2 (with the Bishop Romance and loved it so much -thank you!), and now whant start playing motb.

I read that “This mod is designed to work with NWN2-OC with or without MotB expansion pack†but dose that mean that there will be a chane to see/flirt/or anything Bishop in motb with this mod?


The only male OC I wanna flirt is Bishop, and a game whithout him.... ;) ...no- :thumbsup: don`t wanna thing about it..


I just don´t whant to be without him!


-so -sorry for the (may stupid) question but I am not sure if i wanna start motb right now when i can´t meet him again

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MotB has some added content for Bishop. I don't know if you played MotB before, so I am reluctant to spoil certain events in MotB. If you did, the read-me will have a relatively detailed description of what is included in the MotB for Bishop and Casavir (and Gann). If not, I would try to play and see on the first play-through, because it is rather interesting. But if you really, really want to know in advance, well, read me is still there, or feel free to ask for more details.

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