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The Tiax quest seems to work correctly now. One minor bug though:

Karris: Hail, Friends! ....

CHARNAME: I'm afraid I must skip the pleasentries.....

Karris: An issue? .....

CHARNAME: We've discovered the wherabouts of the gnome.... ....more gold, you'll find a body.

Karris: Perhaps you misunderstood. We want Belgin alive.......

CHARNAME: Well, that puts things in a different light........

KARRIS: I am sorry, but I'll require.......


And then Tiax buts in and says: Insane!?......

even though we haven't described him yet.

So it seems the extra step by trying to bluff doesn't work correctly.


EDIT: BTW, would be nice if the journal included the name of the tavern to where Belgin goes.

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Got it - I will log this for revisit and repair - bluff cuts back to insane, no record of the name of the inn in the journal entry.


Another thing: when getting back to Belgin at the tavern (Helm and Shield?) I tried to bluff him:

CHARNAME: Oh, we met with Karris. ..... worth our while to look the other way

Belgin: .......

CHARNAME. Regardles of what our agreement was, what is done is done. You promised a reward, and I espect you to deliver.

Belgin: But this cannot be! I have little to offer, and I am no threat to you.


The last sentence seems wrong, and is the same as "Tiax, kill him" and "Kagain, kill him" responses.

If I say "Bah. So you did. Begone" Belgin replies with "I appreciate what you have done......." which seems more appropriate for CHARNAME's "Regardles of what our agreement...." reply.



Oh, and after Belgin and Tiax leaves, the journal is not updated and the quest is still open. Unless the quest is not really finished?

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