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Jahiera - Justifier/Cleric: no spells at level 1?

Guest Acrux

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I have turned Jahiera into a Neutral Good Justifier/Cleric (running EasyTutu), and I see that she does not yet have any spells. Could it be that the Justifier portion of her change is overwriting the cleric side?


I can understand not wanting to powergame, but a cleric who can't cast seems a bit over the top.


Please note that I also have Divine Remix installed (I'm at work right now or I would attach the entire Weidu log).

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I suspect it is because of this:


- No access to Charm Animal ability

- Spell casting ability limited to:

Cure Light Wounds and Armour of Faith once each per day from level 8

Luck and Remove Fear once each per day from level 10

Draw Upon Holy Might once per day from level 12

Someone please move this to the Level 1 NPCs forum. (Though really it has more to do with UB I think.)
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Yes, I agree. Interestingly, she can memorize spells, just not use the casting icon to display all of them at once. Also interestingly, she can cast spells using the "quick spell" icon.


(And, not quite so interestingly, for some reason my registration still ain't kicking in. Hmm...)

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The kit probably disables the cast spells button and adds the spells as special abilities. Not much we can do about that. Conceptual incompatibility between the kit and a kitted multiclass.


I expect you'd get the same trouble if you started out as a justifier and tried dual-classing to a spellcasting class.

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