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New save game?


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The Widescreen Mod apparently requires a new save game, but what exactly does this mean?


Here's the deal: I got halfway through the game using this mod before my computer died. I've got the saved games backed up, but I need to re-install the game and the mods. Since I used this mod (same version and everything) when I saved the game, can I pick up now where I left off? Or do I have to start all over again?


Is it just a matter of using the exact same resolution this time that I used before? What exactly is the problem that requires a new save game?


I really don't want to play the first half of the game all over again, not right after I just played it. So I'm hoping that a new save game would only be required if I hadn't used the mod previously. What do you say?

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As long as you use the same resolution as before your save game should work (enter any small house or shop you've already entered - if it doesn't crash, it'll be ok). The problem will exist only if you use a save game without WSM / using a different resolution.

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