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Wish spell "Breach all enemies" turns summons hostile

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As the title says, SPWISH38.SPL (Breach on all enemies in the area) actually targets every creature who is not a partymember (even neutrals). Besides being contrary to the description, this behavior can also cause friendly summoned creatures to turn on the party as the spell in question is flagged as hostile. To fix this, we can simply assign a party-friendly projectile to the spell. Here's the relevant code:



// Wish: Breach on all enemies in the area affects friendly summoned creatures and may turn them hostile. Fixed by using a different targeting method and projectile

COPY_EXISTING ~SPWISH38.SPL~  ~override~										   // Wish: Breach on all enemies in the area
 READ_LONG  0x64 "abil_off"
 READ_SHORT 0x68 "abil_num"
 READ_LONG  0x6a "fx_off"
 FOR (index = 0; index < abil_num; index = index + 1) BEGIN					 // cycle through abilities
  READ_SHORT  ("%abil_off%" + 0x1e + (0x28 * "%index%")) "abil_fx_num"
  READ_SHORT  ("%abil_off%" + 0x20 + (0x28 * "%index%")) "abil_fx_idx"
FOR (index2 = 0; index2 < abil_fx_num; index2 = index2 + 1) BEGIN
 WRITE_BYTE  ("%fx_off%" + 0x02 + (0x30 * ("%abil_fx_idx%" + "%index2%"))) "2" // target: 2 (preset target)
 WRITE_SHORT  ("%abil_off%" + 0x26 + (0x28 * "%index%")) "254"					// projectile: 254 (BIGNAREA)

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We deliberately avoided this sort of spell-trolling because we know we'd have a million things to nitpick (this is why you see almost no original effect power/spell school/secondary type/projectile-type changes from us; they were always deferred to an eventual The Comprehensive Spell Review, which basically means they could safely be ignored and forgotten for pretty much all time).


For instance, I'm not sure I like changing this to BigFatArea (is 2000 large enough to cover the biggest areas?) over simply marking the spell non-hostile (really, Breach is a hostile act, but are the people ten screens away going to know that you're the one responsible for wishing it upon them? I mean, really?), but we'd never all mutually agree on marking the spell non-hostile, and I'd just sit around and pooh-pooh the very mention of changing the effect targets and projectile, not to mention the people who would argue that it works as intended, and nothing would ever get done. (And I have the added ammunition of already having the spell marked non-hostile for, like, forever, so I eventually get to be all dismissive and be like, "Whatever--y'all can do what you want 'cause it's not like I'm installing it anyway!")


That, ladies and gentlemen, is how the fixpack was brought to you. If we don't fix it, install Rogue Rebalancing or Spell Revisions, and blame them if you don't like it. ;-)

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