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SHS: Classic Adventures .51

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Spellhold Studios


On this, the first day of SHS' Twelve Days of Christmas, we are releasing the next version of Classic Adventures!


Beside bug fixes, Version .51 includes 2 other mods; Exnem Items and Infinity Animations.


Exnem Items is a unbalanced, overpowered items mini-mod. Items included give you over -20 AC, high stats, incredible weapons and spells. It is a useful mod for those that like cheesy god-level powers or those needed to pump up their character. Don't use if you don't like +6 weapons for level 1 characters.


Inifinity Items is a new mod that allows modders to add more creature animations to a BG2 game. This mod has been changed for the CA mod and is not compatible with other mods (not that a total conversion would be anyways). Animation slots used here are not approved by the authors of IA and probably never will be. It is only for our needs to add in IWD/IWD2/PST and some new NWN creature animations to the CA storyline.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


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