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(Wolfwere) Shapeshifting

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I'm a bit confused about the shapeshifting mods for BG2. Up to now I've found this mods:


The BG2 Tweakpack has "Shapeshifter Rebalancing (Weimer)": This is likely a über-mod, granting too much powers for the druid (spellcasting while in Wolfwere form etc.).


"Refinements Shapeshifting Fix": I've no experience with this.


SCS(II)'s Improved Shapeshifting: Probably a balanced mod, but in my opinion shapechanged low-level druids are too weak and vulnerable, the ordinary wolfwere must be somewhat stronger, otherwise it has no worth to use it. And the Greater Wolfwere form sounds OK, but in comparison with - for example - a high-level mages or fighters the Gr.Ww is the worse choice, and it is questionable how much can it hold on in the difficult boss fights.

After getting the Gr.Ww form (I think at lvl 13), there is no need to keep the lesser forms, if I can transform at will will with the paws.


"Ultimate Shapeshifting and Rebalancing Fix": I found this mod here:




I looks it is only beta.


Up to the present time I never played with a druid, in my view this class was only good for casting few spells. So, I'm curious about the more experienced player's opinions.

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