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Angelo's armor

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I really, really dislike Angelo's undropable armor. I'm using Refinements' Revise Armor and Shields component, and because of this Angelo's dexterity is decreased by one point. I removed the armor via Shadowkeeper. Will this cause later any crashes or bugs? (for example is the armor upgradeable or will have any role later in the game?)

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And Angelo's weapon proficiency distribution is the worst I've ever seen for a dual F/M :)

I've changed it to katana, 1 point to dagger (because of the dual class) and later xbow. I think this fits better to him.

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:) Thanks, Daulmakan. As far as I know, as well, it shouldn't cause any problems.


Yeah, a lot of things about Angelo are designed to weaken him: his low strength, his lack of dual-wielding, and most of all the armor; since otherwise he has the potential to be insanely powerful. Although the armor serves a dual balancing purpose: it's better than anything you could give him when you get him, so it should keep him alive through the first stronghold quest, but later in the game it holds him back.


Also, having played the game recently, I like to think his weaknesses encourage a player to experiment with all the different spells a F/M can cast: "Vivi's Spellbook Rule: a fantasy game lets you learn approximately eight million spells, exactly five of which you will use by the final boss" (I forget where this is from, but it's so true)


As for his proficiencies, I was trying to think realistically:

-grew up in Kara-tur: katana and wakizashi/ninja-to

-katana are two-handed swords (unless you're Miyamoto Musashi): single-weapon style

-regular army service: longsword


It's worth noting that Angelo gets, I believe, exactly three extra dots if you take him through ToB, assuming you don't power-level. I often give him a dot in crossbow as well; I do think it suits him.


You can edit his armor with Shadow Keeper, no problem. I think it's mostly there for balancing purposes.
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