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About Dynaheir's Romance...


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The general info about the romance:


Approximate writting time: June-August 2004.


The mood: Slightly sad, foreboding of tragic ending, will maintain an option to use stylized “old†English throughout for PC, the emphasis is on loyalty, goodness and sacrifice. 


1) Dynaheir is slightly older than PC - PC is 20-22, Dynaheir is 25. Full expanded Bio is here:



2) Dyanheir's status in Rashemen is an assistant to the Keeper of Manuscripts in one of the Hathran's groups. She takes vivid interest in old lore.

3) Dynaheir would romance a male with minimum Intelligence and Wisdom scores of 10 in each, non-Evil, not CN, not assassin;

5) Romance will go on, and will be only interrupted by the wish of PC or Dynaheir's death in SoA.

6) Dynaheir will try to be in control and do not allow the romance, but it will get out of hands and she will be swept away by the PC.

7) Reputation has to be 12 or higher for romance to continue

8) Additional party reaction banters will have to be added.

9) Flirtpack - I guess repetitive flirts and a few Dynaheir initiated ones...

10) Dynaheir's personal quest from Phase 2 will not be connected with the romance

11) Romance conflicts: political one with Edwin; no romantic-based conflicts or will be decided at a later date if a development of a few romances will take place (Branwen, Imoen).


The currently existing talks:


1) Dynaheir speaks a little about her native land comparing it to PC's upbringing.

2) Dynaheir explains a willing to listen PC of Hathran/Wychlaran

3) Dynaheir speaks of Minsc and willing male PC can get some personal info out of her.

4) Reactional talk on PC's Bhaalspawn's status.


My first break-down of love-talks is:


LT 1 Ancient Empires

LT 2 Alaundo

LT 3 Spirit-walking

LT 4 Rashemen and Thay Wars

LT 5 Dajemma and Dynaheir’s First Dajemma/Compare PC’s path to Dajemma

LT 6 Capture by Gnolls/Gnolls and Monsters

LT 7 Starts as Time of Troubles lecture talk, turn into questioning why Dynaheir tries so hard to educate PC - hint on PC’s unusual bloods

LT 8 Dynaheir feels PC’s pain

LT 9 Dynaheir Personal History (Love/Family)

LT 10 Ribbons in Her Hair

LT 11 Confessions

LT 12 Fate and IL Helg’s Story

LT 13 Intimacy 1

LT 14 Between the Travels/Roads that we choose

LT 15 A Trinket

LT 16 Intimacy 2

LT 17 Magic Items (Point of No Return)

LT 18 Intimacy 3

LT 19 Do Women Love Victors/Lady Yara’s story

LT 20 Whichlaran are Battle Mages, it is not new for them to die defending someone/Advance Good-buy talk


Bhaal Talks Loop (romance talks will stop until the loop plays out):


BT1 Why did not you tell me?

BT 2 Aliana - the face of your mother

BT 3 Fealty to Bhaalson





Awww, I like the sound of that, liking in a sad way, since Dynaheir dies, though the best romances are always bittersweet (Charname-Viconia, Angel-Cordelia (in ATS). *sigh* :'(


Potential for some comedic Minsc moments throughout the romance though :p


Well, we all know your potential, I bet it'll be great, domi.





Thank you. Well, we'll have to wait and see if I can manage to write yet another romance  :D For now I have to improve my coding skills and help Andyr to get the public release of Phase I ready.  :D





Dang, you never cease to amaze me. I always wanted to romance her despite never getting to finish BG1.





You are not alone - Dynaheir is one of the most popular romantic choices on the polls  :D I am as always open to suggestions/critisism, so feel free to throw ideas at me  :p


As for amazing things...Blucher gave us the dream, Weimer gave us tools, Japheth, Ghrey and Kish gave us the break-through :lol:





:D Looks good, Domi!  ;) Too bad about the end, though...


So, about those romance conflicts...





;) Looks good, Domi!  :p Too bad about the end, though...


So, about those romance conflicts...

When both Dynaheir's and Branwen's romance have at least 15 lovetalks in the first draft - then we will know much better where and when and how to implement conflicts... ;)





:D Looks good, Domi!  :D Too bad about the end, though...


So, about those romance conflicts...

When both Dynaheir's and Branwen's romance have at least 15 lovetalks in the first draft - then we will know much better where and when and how to implement conflicts... :)

From what you've sketched on Dyna to date, she'd probably be as glad to see the PC's attentions turned elsewhere as to retain them for herself. So, she'd support the choice of Branwen with an eye to staying in the group herself and observing the PC's development. Put herself in the position of being the confessor of both parties, as it were.





I was thinking in terms of very honest approach there - ie Dynaheir and Branwen have a "we respect each other" chat, and then PC gets awarded the Paris' of Troy position... :)





Well, the way you started her off, Dyna was a very reluctant participant in the romance sweepstakes anyway.  Plus, she's more of an adult than most of the other characters and one whose head normally rules her heart, I should say.  If she is on some kind of errand that could be better furthered by studying the PC in a romantic situation without being involved herself, I'd think she'd jump at the chance.


Of course, she would be just a little despondent at scratching her entry but Minsc and Boo would notice that and try to cheer her up.





Oh, I'd imagine, that she will step back and watch with ease; in case of Branwen I think she would definetly choose to offer this immediately to Branwen and discourage PC's further romantic attention. Somehow, I just have tough time imagining her in a cat fight over any man.





I am trying out the "romantic voice" Here is a small preview (one option from each set of replies):


Dynaheir: I would’st like to know very much if thou hath been sufficiently educated in the history of the Realms, <CHARNAME>.


1) Mine foster father, Gorion, raised me with great care, Dynaheir. I have been educated in many fields, amongst which history was ever one of my favorites. GOTO Dynaheir 1

2) History? What good is it for a man who is about to have his guts spilled or his throat cut? GOTO Dynaheir 2

3) One can never have sufficient amount of knowledge, Dynaheir. I have been taught by Candlekeep’s librarians, and mayhaps, when this crazy race with death is done, I can return to my studies. GOTO Dynaheir 3

4) I learned enough to understand that I have no interest in the past. GOTO Dynaheir 4

5) Do I know history! I can *teach* history, Dynaheir! GOTO Dynaheir 1


Dynaheir 1: I am quite pleased to hear that. Perhaps, thou would’st humor an old scholar with a discussion of things past once we have a longer moment of quiet?


5) ‘Twill be mine greatest pleasure, Dynaheir. GOTO Dynaheir 5

6) Might I be allowed to say that though thou art a scholar, but in no way thou art old. Why, we must be of an age or close enough in years for thou to treat me as thine equal. GOTO Dynaheir 6

7) Dynaheir... *sigh* Ever since I have left Candlekeep, the present had been dragging me along like a rock caught by the flooding stream in the spring. I am afraid, I have no energy left for witty disputes and intricate explorations of the Realm’s past. GOTO Dynaheir 3

8) I am not some fyrra for you to guide and educate! GOTO Dynaheir 7

9) We can...but what’s the point? Should not we better take care of our equipment or rest? GOTO Dynaheir 2


Dynaheir 6: If thou so wish. Indeed, thou hath been experiencing the world at a greater speed  than many a person dost. One may even say that the world is in turn experiencing thee quite rapidly.


25) An acute observation, Dynaheir. Talking to thee is always delightful and takes my mind off dirt and blood and sweat of adventuring. GOTO Dynaheir 5

26) Heh, the world is better brace itself for I have come to shake it loose off the branch and put into the pocket of my breaches.  GOTO Dynaheir 15

27) O Doomsayer, art thou always *that* fond of young orphans or did I somehow distinguished myself not knowing of it? GOTO Dynaheir 16

28) A hand of destiny moves me...I am sure of that. All these assassination attempts, the tasks that drop into my laps...saving damsels in distress from gnolls. Odd. I would have never thought only weeks ago that I am to do more than to dust books and chat with guards in Candlekeep. GOTO Dynaheir 8


Dynaheir 16: Why, but saving me from mine captivity of course! That alone marks thee for greatness. Would not thou rather be prepared to its obligations and duties or taken  unawares?


29) Oh, beat it! We can talk about anything you want, just leave me be. GOTO Dynaheir 9

30) ‘Tis true. We shall talk of the past then, Dynaheir. GOTO Dynaheir 5

31) Mayhap we can start with a lighter historical topics, such as History of Dame Dynaheir for instance. ‘Twill sure keep me awake. GOTO Dynaheir 12

32) That does not convince me a single bit! GOTO Dynaheir 13

33) (if Kagain is in the Party): Well, you may as well go teach Kagain then, Dynaheir, for the old dwarf is like to kick a bucket without ever learning these all-important things. I am too young for that! GOTO Dynaheir 13


Dynaheir 12: A history of one who observes histories maketh for a boring narration. This is why I have embarked on dajemma as my people had done for years uncounted. And since thou knoweth the most turbulent part of mine journey, what need dost thou have of insignificant details?


38) Still, I would’st like very much to hear the complete story, Dynaheir. GOTO Dynaheir 17

39) ‘Tis untrue! GOTO Dynaheir 17

40) You are right. In any case, I know already everything I need to know of you: you are an intelligent, beautiful and mysterious witch. And you like history. GOTO Dynaheir 18

41) Whatever. If you do not want to tell, I won’t insist. GOTO Dynaheir 19


Dynaheir 17: Mayhap when we have nothing of importance to discuss, I should’st tell thee more. EXIT





I finally started serious writing on the romance and I think I will limit romantic choices racially a bit. So far I am shooting for (and the bar on wisdom and intelligence still in order):


Humans - will romance, majority of texts target them for obvious reasons :D

Half-Elves - will romance, will see if I can put in any specific options, but mostly will be treated as Humans

Half-Orcs - will romance, race-specific options

Elves - will romance, but with difficulty, majority of race specific options will probably lead to ending the romance


Dwarves - will not romance (open to debate)

Halflings - will not romance

Gnomes - will not romance

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Please, let me know if there are contradictions with logic, RealmsLore, Sarevok's bio etc.



1343 The Year of the Boot - Dynaheir was born in the year 1343 (assumes that a human PC is born in 1346, The Year of the Bloodbird, when Bhaal is banished from Moonshae and I guess feels that his time comes to end) in a family of a Rashemi war leader – fyrra.


1348 The Year of the Spur– At the age of 5 Dynaheir is tested and found to have a strong affinity to magic. She is taken away to be educated as a Hathran.


1358 – The Time of Troubles


1359 The Year of the Serpent - At the age of 16 Dynaheir undertakes her Dajemma the youngest sister in the traveling company of Hathran. The departure comes before the Tuigan Hordes attack Rashemen. They travel to the west of Rashemen through the countries on the shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars as far as Cormyr where in 1360 they participate in the crusade against the Tuigan Hordes and witness King Azoun IV killing Khahan.


The little embassy then turn to  Saerloon (Sembia) with the goal to establish contact with a local cell attempting to oust Red Wizard agents from Saerloon -  where the travelers arrive in 1361.


1361 The Year of Maidens - Being “too young and inexperienced†for the important matters of state Dynaheir is given an assignment to copy rare scrolls in the temples of Mystra and Azuth of Saerloon, which she eagerly accepts. She becomes acquainted with an old priest – librarian in the Temple of Mystra and they have many lively theological discussions.


When the conversation touches the rather frivol topic of  “god-children†– a notion especially interesting after the Time of Troubles when unwed mothers claim that their offsprings to be god’s blood, the priest tells Dynaheir a sad anecdote about a street urchin, a boy who thought himself a son of god… priest remembers the lad well, as there was something wild and unsettled about him, he even remembers his name - Sarevok. The tale sparks Dynaheir’s interest in the prophecies of Alaundo and she collects all material she could find about the Time of Troubles and the fall of Bhaal and faithfully copies it.


Thus it’s the first time ever that she writes in her square sure hand: “The Lord of Murder should perish…â€Â


1362 The Year of the Helm - Dynaheir is fully determined to continue her research in the libraries of Candlekeep and Silverymoon, but she is ordered to return to Rashemen with the rest of the group, as their mingling in the affairs of Thayvians was betrayed and they are in danger. To add to this concern there is a new Huthrong in Rashemen - Thydrim Yvargg.


1363 The Year of the Wyvern - Upon her return to Rashemen Dynaheir becomes the Keeper of Manuscripts in Urling, and slowly gains the trust of a few Orthlot. She continues her study of Bhaal’s heritage and becomes convinced that the threat of Bhaalspawn is real.


1365 The Year of the Sword – Dynaheir is heard by a few Othlot and receives permission to set out for her second journey with the goal to find more information about Bhaalspawn.


1366 The Year of the Staff - Dynaheir starts out alone as the purpose of her research is too dark to be revealed to too many ears, but on her way through Thesk she meets an ideal companion and bodyguard – Minsc.


Again she sails from Telfamar (Thesk) to Saerloon where her old tutor tells her that peculiarly someone by the name Sarevok has made it up in the world and is currently a merchant in Baldur’s Gate dealing with Sembia with his foster father Rieltar Anchev.


1367 The Year of the Shield – After obtaining every bit of information she could from the sources in Sembia, including but not limited to the thieve’s guilds and merchants Dynaheir takes a ship to Westgate (Dalelands) and makes her way by the road connecting Berdusk to Nashkel, half-convinced that Sarevok indeed is a child of Bhaal. However, she wants to see the records in Candlekeep to be convinced. She carries a copy of a rare book given to her by the priest to pay her admission to Candlekeep.


1368 The Year of the Banner – Somehow Minsc and Dynaheir wander off the beaten path – either in attempt to shortcut to Candlekeep, or by chance - and meet with the gnolls and loses all of her possessions including her traveling journal and the book. Dynaheir is kept prisoner by the gnolls and is later freed by the young adventuring orphan from Candlekeep/or killed by him on the order of a Red Wizard Edwin Odesseirn.


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I read Domi's post about her appearance some time ago and just took the time to check. While I agree that being Rashemen, she probably shouldn't look African, I have no clear idea on what she *should* look like. The suggested look was germano-slavic but I have no clear idea on what that looks like either :D


Could some one provide me with a picture? I'd very much appreciate it.

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Thanks Domi, too bad there's no portrait I can just use. The only comon link between them seems to be a Russain feel. Considering that Rashemen is based on Russian mythology, that's probably it.


I'm a bit bored with editing after doing Safana and Coran consecutively though. Probably won't start anything major like this until the next time I feel like messing with photoshop again.

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Just to be technical - it is thousands and thousands of miles away. Why couldn't she look African?


Plus Rasheman is next to Thay (broke away from Mulhorand, sorta Sumer/Egypt-which-is-in-Africa) and regions further East.

So if you're thinking "Russian", i'd suggest more past the Urals or maybe towards the south. And not necessarily Slavic either.


As for self-assurance - Rasheman regularly defeats the Red Wizards, the Hordes chose to go by it and its famous powerfully Witches.

Why shouldn't she be confident? Long distance journies are expected in Rasheman. Heck, even a requirement for adulthood.

So they churn out more than their fair share of world-travelling barbarians and witches... no reason to intimidated by civilization or new lands.

After all, Rasheman keeps kicking Thay's butt, right Boo?

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How is a country run and protected by witches and berserking rangers supposed to be based on Russia now? And even if it is, why would FR "Russia" have to have people with the same skin color as RL "Russia"? Further, the area formerly known as the Soviet Union is huge, with a very large range of ethnicities. If you're hung up on Dynaheir looking like someone from there, you've got a heck of a lot more features to choose from than those posted.


Dynaheir looks like what the developers wanted her to look like. She is an extremely proud woman with dark skin. Take away her pride and you take away her personality. I don't understand the motivation for changing her skin tone.

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Hey, relax... nobody saying anything about replacing, just *asking* for a possible alternative portrait made. Like one for Branwen, Safana, Coran, Kivan etc. No big deal :cry: People ask for new portraits all the time, you know. Nobody substitutes the original portrait - it's there in the game and nobody argues that it's Dynaheir as seen by developpers: purple-skinned and fainting (that's how she looks to me anyways, lol)

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Lol, so Ellaria Sand it is huh? You really do love Amoka's portraits Domi :cry:


Need me to alter it any further Domi, or is it fine as it is? Btw, I seem to recall you casting Sawell Tarly for Winthrop, isn't Sam... I dunno, a bit too young and inexperienced to be Winthrop?

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