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The joys of Viconia

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Viconia's 50% Magic Resistance combined with a long lasting (10 rounds) Magic Shielding Potion makes her untouchable for Gauths and troublesome for Liches. Quaff a Speed Potion, cast Holy Power, Righteous Fury and Draw Upon Unholy Might and Viconia serves fast food in the form of Gauth Chops.

Liches are a bit worse, especially if they summon allies.

The guy guarding the Nether Scroll summoned a Magic Sword, so Ed and Jan had to Magic Missile it to death. Viccy did the rest.

Lavok kept casting Mantle and Prot Normal Weapons and in addition he cast Prot Abjuration, so there was nothing Ed and Jan could do to take down his protections, so Viccy just had to wait out his protections before she could start pounding on him.

And if they cast Fire Shield, Viccy has another trick up her sleeve - Spiritual Hammer. Spiritual Hammer even goes thorugh Stoneskins. :-)

But she had no chance against the Lich in the Crooked Crane. Those summoned Fiends eats little Deowlettes for breakfast...

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