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Arashi Kai

How to install BG2 on linux using WINE

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This is a tutorial for installing BG2 and ToB on Linux using WINE.


1.) Obtain ISOs of you disks. There are many programs out there that you can use, I just can't remember them off of the top of my head.


2.) Obtain the latest version of WINE. sudo apt-get install wine in the terminal. configure to your liking


3.) Mount each ISO file in its own mounting point: /media/Disk1, Disk2, etc.


4.) Run winecfg in the terminal. Under Drives, add a drive, set it as a CD-ROM drive, and set it to point to the mount point of the first ISO. Throughout the rest of this tutorial, I will refer to this drive as E:


5.) run wine E:\Setup.exe. Choose to do a full install. LEAVE THIS TERMINAL ALONE!


6.) Setup will inevitably ask you for the next disk, so when that happens, open up a new terminal, and cd to /home/.wine/dosdevices.


7.) run rm e: then ln -s /mount_point_of_next_disk e:


8.) Return to the installer and continue. Repeat 6 and 7 for tenext couple of disks when Setup asks for them.


9.) After installing SoA, run step 7, using the ToB mount point where appropriate. Run wine E:\Setup.exe


These instructions give you a brand new, unpatched, vanilla install of BG2 and ToB. Installing patches and mods are beyond the scope of this tutorial.


If I am contradicting anyone in any way, let me know and how so I can change this. If this is not the appropriate place for this topic, please let a staff member know so they can move it to the appropriate place.


I do not claim to be an expert on Linux. This tutorial was found here and simplified. It worked for me, and it took a long time to find it, so I'm posting it here to make life easier for others.

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If you plan on network play, you also need directplay dlls. Wine's own are not complete enough yet.


Download with wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks


Run "winetricks directplay" in a terminal, to install the needed directplay libraries from MS' directx distribution.

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Guest Guest_Ric_*

I'd like to add that people may need to use BGconfig.exe/Graphics to enable 3D acceleration before seeing success.

Leaving it in 2D didn't work for me at all.

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You can just edit baldur.ini and toggle it there.

There's also no need for drive muckery, just unmount and remount the cd drive as needed or point it to the mount dir directly from the dialog requesting it.

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