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So, I'm trying to get the Bishop epilogue in MOTb right?



Well...I don't see a 'I refuse you for emotionally damaged ranger/bleeding heart paladin' line in his flirts, do I have to wait for a specific time in the game or soemthing?

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I actually did not get that option til after the Skein where you could no longer refuse him and have it work. Or so I 've read. The "exact" dialogue option, or close to it, was this:


"Gann, I know we;ve been flirting awhile and it seems to me that you..... that you want it to be something more. But I hate to tell you there is someone else."


That appeared for me in the Slumbering Coven although I did not pick it b/c I am interested in romancing/flirting with Gann. And saying that, especially when I have no reason to, would most certainly kill the flirts. I would think.


So the question remains: IF one wants to reject Gann for Bishop or Cas and you can only do so before a certain point why have that option appear afterward?? Doesn't make sense to me.

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