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IESDP Error/Typo Report Thread


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I will condense all errors from my other thread, since they are not relevant over there, in this one.

Here is what I have found thus far (they all apply to BG2):

1. [CREv1] Header description - 0x0010: Creature flags - bit 31 is marked as bit 30

2. [GAMv2] Header description - 0x001c: Size described as 2 (dword), should be 2 (word)

3. [GAMv2] Header - 0x0060: Bit 0 descibed as (0) Party AI disabled / (1) Party AI enabled; Should be (1) Party AI disabled / (0) Party AI enabled(the reverse);

4. [EFFv2] Body - 0x0080: Size described as 8 (resref); Should be 4 (dword)

5. [GAMv2] Journal Entries - 0x0008: Size described as 4 (dword); Should be 1 (byte). Which also shifts all subsequent offsets down by 3.


I will be posting more as I find them.

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I don't understand what you say about journal entries.

There is no size information at any 0x08 address.

Journal entry count and offset in the gam header:

004ch Journal count 00000001

0050h Journal offset 0000eb70

0054h Reputation 0000006e


A single journal entry is 12 bytes (0xc) long:

eb70h Journal

eb70h Journal strr 00008529

eb74h Time 000004d5

eb78h Chapter 01

eb79h Group ff

eb7ah Section 04

eb7bh User entry? ff


The Chapter information is on offset 08 inside the journal struct, but it is not a 'size'.



Ok, i see now. For some reason i thought you want to change the chapter info to a dword (which is clearly wrong) so i didn't even look at the IESDP.

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