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Yes...im a noob...

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Hi all.. heard great things about this mods so I downloaded it...thats when the troubles started (oh noes!) i picked the links from Ignvault but they wouldnt let me extract them...it said something like unable to find path...really confusing as it wasnt like most files ive unzipped..so i came to this site and downloaded it here...it worked but unfortunatley it downloaded the pack, not the files that were supposed to go in Music and Override seperatly. not knowing which files were which i added all the files to each folder...i played the game and got up to Fort Locke just fine, rescued neehka, thank you i owe you, bla bla bla..then i try to talk to her to see if its working...nothing...she just goes "how can i help"...hmm....i try again and again...then move on to the bandit camp in hopes that time will solve it...no such luck as the next time i talk to her the screen goes black and a box appears with 3 different options (Debug, Send alert or ignore) would apprieciate some help as ive heard great things about this mod and am really curious...thanks all :thumbsup:

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Follow these steps and you should be good to go.

  1. Make sure the game is not running.
  2. Find all the files you already downloaded and delete them. Just delete them.
  3. Go to the downloads page you see in the JPG attachment, and click on the download link circled on it.
  4. Save the file to your Atari override folder. Note that the mod will not work if you place it in your Documents folder. You have to put it directly in your game directory override folder.
  5. Extract the archive with whatever you usually use to extract ZIP archives.
  6. Play. You will not have to start a new game.


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Guest Noobguest

I have a question, can I play this mod without MoTB? because I'm in Taiwan and here they simply don't sell a English version of the expansion, and quiet obviously the mod won't work with a Chinese install. (not to meantion the Chinese version only updates to patch 1.10... uuggh)

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Actually, the mod will work on non-English installations, but the dialogues modified by the mod will be in English.


We get asked all the time if the mod will work without MotB, but I still don't know the answer. About all I can suggest is to give it a try. Since all you have to do to uninstall the mod is to delete the folder from your override, you might want to just go ahead and try it. Just make sure you keep a saved game from before you install the mod. If you do try it, please report back with your results so that we'll be able to answer this question in the future.

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Guest Noobguest

ok i figured out what's wrong now, I was dling from ign vault and they had the version where Neeshka's dialogs would crash, no wonder.


seem to be working fine now with just OC, though I guess i need to play longer to be sure.


btw, does flirt do anything or just for fun?

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