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Glad that worked for you. It's hard to tell precisely what's going on in your install since you are running with other mods, but it looks as if more than one mod increased the Chapter. It's been a while since I looked under the hood, but I seem to remember that Saerileth (at least - there may be more) increases the chapter in a non-standard place. That isn't a slight on the mod, by the way. Sillara used IncrementGlobal() just like I did and for the same reason. I don't think anybody imagined back then that megas would become as popular as they are.


Anyway, the definitive fix is for me to use SetGlobal() instead of IncrementGlobal(), but that can't happen until I version up for BGEE.

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That isn't a slight on the mod, by the way. Sillara used IncrementGlobal() just like I did and for the same reason. I don't think anybody imagined back then that megas would become as popular as they are.
Well, if you or someone else could report their findings on the point where either or both of the mods do the wrong thing, we could fix it in the megamod fixpack temporarily, ... so the compatibility improves.
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Thanks, Jarno, but I'm planning on updating Alternatives this week, so there's little point in adding it to the compatibility package thing. There are several places in the mod where the chapters change, and not always to the same value, so a simple REPLACE_TEXTUALLY would cause more problems than it solved. It would be possible to pick the mod apart and figure out specific file names and line numbers, but at that point, it would be easier for me to just update the mod.

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Hi guys,


First off, excellent mod, loving the chance to play a true paladin.


However, I've got a problem where Zahn won't spawn by Bodhi's Lair. I went back and spoke to Aster a few times and she says he's waiting, but I've searched the graveyard district and the tomb below top to bottom and can't find him, is there any console commands I could use to make him spawn? I tried createcreature:zahn, but got nothing...


Thanks in advance for the help!


Edit: Sorry, just saw the solution posted and it worked perfectly, my bad for not checking first!


Keep up the good work guys, excellent mod!

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Glad it's working for you! When I update to BGEE, I'll replace the IncrementGlobal() actions with SetGlobal() actions, which should fix the issue no matter what other mods are installed.

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Problem in v10: The file audio-install-osx.sh contains a few items that must be corrected in order for the audio files to install. Replace all instances of "mymod" with "alternatives", and a few filenames are missing an underscore. Correcting these items allows me to successfully install the mod.

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I've been unable to get this to install (as well as a few other G3 mods, I don't recall which ones right offhand, but they all give me the same error). Instead, I receive the message:


ERROR: Unable to find DIALOG.TLK in: dialog.tlk


Because I don't know the first thing about coding anything like this, and it's been years since I even played the game, I'm not sure where to start with trouble-shooting this problem. Is there some sort of patch I need to download somewhere, or just something I need to locate in my game files?

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Yeah, looks like I had to choose the destination folder (it defaulted to somewhere else, for some reason..
The reason being that the autoextraction archive defaults to the default install directory: C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\ or to the (x84) -one... it comes from the fact that it's written into the archive file. This is really bad today as by nearly default it's the wrong folder to extract the archive to for one simple reason, and that's that the currently nearly all Windows up to date Operation Systems protect the C -drives folder by mirroring it's content or the written files there to the hidden ProgramData folder.


A better place to default the files would probably be: C:\Games\BGII - SoA\ ...

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I would like to tell that after allying yourself with the paladin, and you go inside Gaelan's home, he will greet you with a dialogue where he asks you if you betrayed him, and after answering him, the dialogue will loop, continuosly. And Gaelan turns to be immortal and unkillable. I tried even to ctrl+y; I tried to take both the path (first lieing to him, then telling him the truth), to no avail. Thanks for the attention.

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