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[outdated] Bugs? Typos? Report them here.


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No reloads? Wow, impressive. I don't have the strength to do that.

What happens to double journal entries is a good question. I could imagine that they get set and only one of them removed, yes.


One more question: For assassinating the harbour master, did you deliver the poison to the cook or to Wael (the assassin)?

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I think it was the majordomo; I went to Vulova's Estate with the poison, a guy at the entrance asked me if I had what they were waiting for, I gave him that and he proceeded to give the poison to the cook. Starts the cutscene, the harbormaster dies, a guy run away through the door and I run away shortly after.

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The majordomo / butler doesn't take it, he only directs the PC into the kitchen. You gave it to the cook then, presumably. That would make two who had that problem, although I have to agree with berelinde that it is strange (but sometimes the IE-engine is that).


Coding wise, I would suggest placing the





into the cutscene "b!vul1" to make sure this won't happen again.


Raj, I think I got all issues you reported, they will be fixed in the next version.

Thank you again! berelinde is completely overworked currently but I know that deep inside her modder soul she is grateful for the bug reports. :blush:

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Unfortunately, I'm no longer certain which way it is: whether you give the poison to the butler or the cook. I seem to recall that you do have to give it to the cook, but if that's the case, the harbormaster shouldn't be dying until you do so. I need to look at the code, and I can't do that until tonight. Regardless, setting the variable will do it.


And I really did test this route, so I know that it is completable (or was). Need to revisit it, I guess.

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Guest Midnight

HI! Im trying out Alternitives for the first time and had an odd bug. I am completing the initial thieves quest for Renal Bloodscalp and came back to report i had his proof and hand him the evidence. He congrats me and tells me to go kill Mavel (sp?) which I agreed to--then he and all his men turn Red and kill me. Even if I tell him I'm not an assasin and wont do the job, they still turn Red and kill me. I have not accepted any other missions from the garish noble; nor the paladins, nor Bodi. Any Ideas? Thx.

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Guest olnorton

I have paid the money & been told to meet Harold outside the Thieves Guild, but he is not there, and although I can open the door of the thieves guild, I can't go inside.

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Guest olnorton
What version are you using?



In Shadow Keeper it shows:


B!ALTTIME 243320




If that helps.


Is their a Command Console code to spawn Harold?

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You can try it, but go back to a save when you haven't opened up the Shadow Thieves yet. Stand by the door when you spawn him and give him time to go over and open the door after you talk to him.




No idea why he isn't spawning. The variables are right.

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Guest olnorton

I'm stuck again.

I think Zahl hasn't spawned either. But I may just be in the wrong place.

Are the blue doors at area 0808 X1400 , Y980?

I can open those doors & have cleared the area, I defeated Bodhi & got Viconia's body (although raise dead does'nt work either)

But if I go back to Aster & tell her I have done it, she calls me a liar.


B!ALTERNATIVES is now 8 the others the same.


Is it a bug, or something I haven't done?

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Alright, you've got something going on with your game scripts. Maybe you reinstalled something without backing out all your other mods first?


I am at work and cannot download the mod to my work computer to look up the creature code, but you can try the same command with b!zahl as the creature code between the quotes. If that isn't it, you'll have to wait until I get home.


This was tested on multiple installations, so I'm guessing that there's some kind of issue unique to your installation, like a reinstallation issue.

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