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Mini quest idea for xvart farmer

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Well, I don't like spoilers...


But anyway, the "rough outline" is you have to find the *real* lair of the xvarts, which is much closer to Hulrik than the xvart village which is days away and just a small-time outpost compared with the lair, which is fairly huge. The xvarts are in league with an evil cult of Iyachtu Xvim wererats, who in turn, are trying to team up with an extraplanar force far more evil that makes their own formidable group look like a bunch of kindergarteners by comparison (but still roughly in line with what you find later in BG1-TotSC). There are a number of side miniquests, including a Nashkel barmaid and her father, the local miller (yes you can go *in* the windmill now!).



There is more information and the latest beta download on SHS (because I got *crickets chirping* when I asked if G3 wanted to host it). I'll get you access but you'll need to register on SHS (if you haven't) and let me know your username there, as it is not quite a public forum yet until the mod is out of beta.

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I'll get you access

Excellent. You get me inside and I'll do the rest. I can slip past the guards, hack the mainframe, and get your launchcodes, just make sure you wire the money to... um...


Just made an acct there, same name as here.

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15 hours ago, Guest guest said:

Is this discussion about the mod "Xvart caverns" mentioned here?


Really don't know, as I didn't read this ( here on G3) post but seeing Miloch's spoilers it could very well be

15 hours ago, Guest guest said:

Also, what's the reaver kit mentioned in that same topic ?

 . http://www.pocketplane.net/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=158&Itemid=110

And please don't ask me how to obtain or download the XC mod as it is still closed BETA . 

Check officer out. :p

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