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Can't find the "white friend"


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I'm kind of stuck. I was trying to get Valygar and do the planar sphere when the oh so familiar "a new quest pops up and buggers up the one I'm currently doing" syndrome struck again :thumbsup:


As a result I visited my light-of-love in jail and met Sarawa. I agreed to pop in for a chat next time I was in the bridge district. This happened Day 33 Hour 11. However instead of going there straight away I've spent several days finishing the planar sphere and doing some cashing up and shopping. I also went from Chapter 2 to Chapter 3. It's now Day 35 Hour 10. I'm wandering round the bridge looking for "a small white friend" but can't find one.


Is there a time limit on this meeting? Or am I just missing something?

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Stupid peasants, always ruining everything :hm: Glad you're enjoying the mod!


(I should add that this is the only sort of "white friend" a racist nationalist like Sawara would have </rimshot>)


Ignore this. I reloaded then wandered off to burgle a nearby house. This time that *expletive deleted* peasant who was standing so very still had moved and guess what he was hiding ... the elusive "small white friend" :thumbsup:
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I'm thoroughly enjoying Angelo - and I promise to post a mini review :)

As well as immobile peasants I've had a couple of other minor wierd but funny hiccups :thumbsup: For example the dryads have been moving so fast they look like leaves flickering in the wind (very appropriate), and occasionally Minsc starts walking on the spot. I've no idea which of the many mods I'm using cause this, but its not really a problem. Usually I know where to find something, so I know when to reload to get rid of people who wont get out of the *expletive deleted* way :hm:

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